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Your Clean Burn Parts Connection

   We stock a Complete  line of parts for your Clean Burn Heating System.Free shipping special now  We accept all major credit cards. caIl if you are not sure what parts you might need. We can help.Saving you on buying any uneeded parts  can ship C.O.D. for a $12.00 UPS fee. We do all of our shipping through UPS. . .If you have any questions on any of the Clean Burn parts Please call us at 800-432-3552.

Or e-mail us at .Ordes placed before 11:30 am EST will go out the same day.

Please only use Authorized Clean Burn Parts.   Putting on non-authorized Clean Burn parts can Void any Warranty's, and may cause liablity & insurance issues. All clean burn parts & heating systems are UL listed with only authorized Clean Burn Parts. So only buy parts from an authorized Clean Burn Dealer.

Parts are all Clean Burn Authorized Parts. Sold by Only 1 of 2 Michigan Authorized Clean Burn Dist.

Nozzle (9-5, 9-8, 9-11)

Part# 32000 (9-5)     

Single Piece Electrode

Part# 33183          

Set of HS Burner Electrodes

Part# 33085          

Clean Burn Transformer

Part# 33189           

Primary Control  3 Wire

Part# 33188        

Energy Retention Disk  (specify furnace model)

Found in back of unit

Part# 31264             

J Model Pump Head

Part# 32020         

Model A Pump with internal relief & check valve

Part# 32475    

Cad Cell eye W/ Wires

Part# 33116        

Regulator Rebuild kit

Part# 13142       

Retention Head

Part# 11308    

Lenz Filter Cartridge Element

Part# 32124              

Tank Filter Screen

Part# 32061          

3/4" Brass Check Valve

Part# 32021            

Air Pressure Switch

Part# 33057      

Combu style Solenoid Complete

Part# 33013        

Coil Only (the outer black)

Part# 33225        

Inner Nucleus W/ spring

Part# 33229        

Surface Mount Solenoid (complete)

Part# 32322            

Solenoid Coil (silver top)

Part# 33319          

Surface Mount Plunger

Part# 33315       

1/10 HP Combustion air Motor

Part# 33175          

Squirrel cage for motor

Part# 31113           

Combustion Air Motor/ J pump Motor

Part# 33084            

Squirrel cage for burner

Part# 31003           

400W Heater

Part# 33173        

300W Heater (for updated HS burners)

Part# 33096          

Oil Gauge (0-15 psi) Can be used in place of round gauges

Part# 32178        

Air Gauge (0-60 psi)

Part# 32179        

These are just a list of most common parts

we have all parts available.